Tuesday, March 31, 2009

After Hours in the T.O.

It's a busy time of year for our friends in the Ticket Office, what with Plans and Groups already on sale, and the season just a few months away. Yet somehow, the T.O. crew always seems unusually cool, calm, and collected.

And I want to know why.

Somewhere along the way, it hits me. They must be blowing off steam after hours to make up for the stressful days spent on the phones and at the windows. I ask them what their secret is, but no one wants to let me inside the inner circle. So, I decide it's time for a little investigative work.

Late one night, I followed a couple of them after work and much to my surprise, this is what I saw:

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

Now that explains it! Nothing like a little breakin' to wash away all your worries.

Next time you call 718-37-BKLYN and wonder how they're all keeping it together in there, just remember what it's like after hours for the T.O.!

-- Dave

(Happy early April Fool's Day, guys!)


Joyce said...

I used to consider us pals, Dave, but it has become increasingly clear: I will have to end you.

Stefan said...

Great post! Why are they so cool, calm, and collected. This should be a great year for our team.

Brooklyn AIr COnditioning said...

Should be a good year for our team. I am glad we have some hardcore supporters. Keep up all the great work.