Thursday, March 12, 2009

Baseball Bachelor Party

As I am writing this blog entry (which, as per usual, will be a poorly disguised attempt at selling tickets), Steve is currently feeling a little salty towards me. This is because, during the middle of the busy ticket sales period, I recently took time off to fly to California to attend my sister’s bachelorette party at the Big Bear ski resort.

In my defense, I was thinking of work the whole time we were snowboarding/ hot-tubbing/ eating, drinking and being merry. What I noticed during the party was that all of my sister’s friends had extremely different backgrounds, but were all there in unison in a show of support and to shower her with attention before sending her off to the endless dark abyss that we fondly call marriage.* And, as usual, my mind functioned along tangential lines of logic and immediately wandered to the new Bachelor Party concept the Cyclones have developed for our Luxury Suites.

We basically thought of two main elements of a bachelor party: the opportunity to gather with friends (drink responsibly) and to make the man of the hour the center of attention, whether that spotlight is actually wanted or otherwise. To that end, our bachelor party includes a first pitch for the groom-to-be, a personalized Cyclones jersey (embarrassing nicknames are encouraged), an all-inclusive alcohol package with ballpark fare, and a special PA announcement with a submitted photo for the video board (again, clean but embarrassing is what we’re going for). The total price for 22 people for the night is $2,250. This leaves more than enough in the wallet for any late-night bachelor party activities, which I understand from my male friends involves drinking tea, watching documentaries on the aborigines of New Guinea, and discussing the current socioeconomic climates of the member countries of NAFTA.

And, of course, if you want to hold a bachelorette party in our suites, you’re more than welcome, girls (we already supply plenty of guys in tight uniforms).

A Luxury Suite at KeySpan Park is the perfect spot for a party. It’s affordable, it’s fun, it’s got a great view of great baseball, and it’s in the heart of Coney Island during the summer. Can you imagine a better way to kick off a big night than with baseball, a roller coaster, a freak show, carnival prizes, and Brooklyn’s most famous hot dogs?

That’s it. That’s my sales pitch. If that doesn’t entice you, nothing will (except maybe the horribly inappropriate campaign that was thankfully dubbed unsuitable for publication, and will probably get me fired for even bringing it up again: “Throw a Bachelor Party with the Cyclones, and hit for the cycle! Drink triple. See double. Act single. The Home Run is up to you.”)

If you want to book a Bachelor Party, call me (now there’s a line I never thought I’d say while I was taking SAT prep classes, piano lessons, and parent-enforced road trips to Harvard and MIT to “get acclimated with the campus”) at 718-37-BKLYN or email me at

-- Joyce

* Portions of this blog entry may or may not have been edited by Dave

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Scoreboard Gourmet said...

clever idea. look forward to hearing how it turns out.