Monday, March 30, 2009

For the Birds

Sandy and Pee Wee are truly the faces of the Cyclones. Since the players changes every year -- and in some cases, every week -- the Brooklyn Birds are the team's one true constant, and therefore our most marketable identities.

That's why we're excited to announce a great opportunity for someone who wants to be the face behind the face, and spend a summer entertaining hundreds of thousands of fans inside one of the most popular costumes in Brooklyn.

It's no easy task. You have to have the right moves, the right personality, and the right tolerance for pain (those little kids can pack quite a punch below the belt!). Your headgear is top-heavy, your hips shake like jello and don't fit through most normal spaces, and your feet flop, shuffle, and trip you up at every turn (basically, you're Gary, but without the ability to talk).

But, if you have what it takes to soldier through the mascobstacles listed above, endless glory awaits you. Sure, they won't know your name, or know your face, but they'll remember that feeling the time they beat Sandy around the bases. Or the time Pee Wee gave them a foul (fowl?) ball. Your picture will be framed, your autograph will be priceless, and your impact will be felt around the borough.

So strap on those oversized shoes, start working on your dance moves, and figure out what it will take to thrill a Coney Island crowd. We're looking for the best of the best to take on the mantles of the Brooklyn Birds!

Read our official release and job description here.

-- Dave


Cyclones Fanatic said...

What happened to the original performers last year? They were great!

Dave said...

They're still in the mix, but we wanted to open things up to new people, and new ideas, as well.