Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Putting the "twit" in Twitter

Kevin Mahoney is the Cyclones' Assistant GM. Today, he is also beefing up his resume as a guest blogger!

It has been mentioned several times in past blogs that this space is really Dave’s opportunity to make fun of other people on the staff, and get away with it by calling it work-related. My personal favorite is Steve looking a lot like Britney Spears. Now that the Cyclones are on Facebook, Dave also handles most of that and just the other day he started acting like Tweetie Bird, since we are also now on Twitter. I have no idea how he keeps it all straight. I mean, last night he tweeted from his phone at the HeartShare dinner to tell people that Paulie Walnuts was a scary guy and that the Seasoned Chickens were still clucking.

By now you are wondering what my point is…well, Dave is always looking for other people to write something for the blog. A while back, I took him up on his offer, but it never made it as a live post. My effort was upstaged by Milk Boy and Dave’s other opportunities to make fun of me. I've found ways to outsmart him, though...notice there is no photo of me in a sash!

Dave, since you are so busy updating our sites with important information like "Steve is looking for a restroom," do me a favor and post my blog.

Oh and by the way, Villanova will beat Duke tomorrow night. (editor's note: No. No, they will not.)

-- Kevin M.

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