Monday, March 2, 2009

Blarney Rubble

On Saturday, Kevin Mahoney was officially named a deputy in the Bay Ridge St. Patrick's Day Parade, and was honored as part of a dinner at the Dyker Beach Golf Club.

I walked into the cocktail hour and was pleasantly surprised (and utterly shocked) to see Kevin wearing a Miss America-styled sash made of bright, shiny green, orange and white cloth. Knowing how much Kevin loved the attention and the idea of wearing the aforementioned sash, my colleagues and I made a pact to stay low-key, avoid creating a spectacle, and treat the entire event with the utmost reverence.

As a deputy (and that, by the way, is the official title...not "Grand Poobah," as Steve was referring to him all night), Kevin was called to the center of the room, introduced (not only as the AGM of the Cyclones, but as the North American record-holder for consecutive innings/hours pitched), and then forced to stand in place for approximately 37 hours worth of speeches, step dancing, speeches, river dancing, speeches, bagpipers, and speeches. At one point, I think he lost consciousness.

In all honesty, though, it was a great night, and the parade will, of course, be incredibly fun. I grew up in Bay Ridge, and the St. Patty's Parade is a tradition not to be missed!

And although he's usually not too keen on having his picture taken (think Sean Penn vs. the paparazzi...on steroids), on this one night, at least, Kevin was in a great mood -- and I even have the picture to
prove it!

See you at the parade (if Kevin doesn't kill me first)!

-- Dave


Paddy Toy said...

Its Paddy not Patty/

Dave said...

Well, dhat makes no sense ad all. Is his name Sd. Padrick? Id seems preddy reticulous do me.

Rob said...

He will also be the tallest Leprechaun in the world. I guess having lucky charms and beer for breakfast finally paid off.