Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Follicle Follies

Steve Cohen, Kevin Mahoney, and Vic Christopher are all involved in a wager tomorrow night that will leave one deflated, one victorious, and one bald. Kevin shares his thoughts below:

It's just hair, right? It will grow back. I think (or I should I say I hope). I believe in Steve. He will get Vic out. Vic is so athletically challenged it is funny. Steve will strike him out. I feel like Dorn talking to Vaughn right now. I beleive in Steve.

The pre-game stuff tomorrow promises to be fun and entertaining...everything minor league baseball is supposed to be about.

The joke around the office is that everyone knows Steve because he is the GM and everyone knows Gary because Mayor Perone makes it a point to walk around shaking hands and kissing babies. But no one really knows me (which I'm OK with). Well, come 7 pm tomorrow, everyone might know who I am because there is a good chance I will be the bald guy at home plate.

I really don’t believe in Steve.

-- Kevin

1 comment:

Lisa Gav said...

Kevin: Bald is Beautiful!

Unless of course it's the other guy, "El Vic", then bald is something to make lots of good-natured fun at.