Wednesday, July 15, 2009

3rd Annual Car Show

Hello! My name is Adam Skolnick (also known in the blogosphere as ATI).

Fortunately, I was recently given the chance to be placed behind the wheel of the Brooklyn Cyclones' 3rd Annual Car Show. Not only is this a great opportunity for me to show my car knowledge (which isn’t much since I don’t own a car), but to keep up the tradition of mixing classic automobiles with the best fans in the world!

When I was given the task of putting on the car show, one of the first people I spoke with was a man named Lenny Schiller, who is the President of the Antique Auto Association of Brooklyn.

After speaking with him once or twice, two things were very clear:
1. This guy LOVES cars.
2. This guy LOVES the Cyclones.
I couldn't ask for anything more!

I immediately liked Lenny for his passion, and it turns out that I wasn’t the only one. Lenny called me and told me he made the New York Times (not too shabby, eh?), so I checked out his article and slide show here.

He is now the second-most famous local celebrity who I have spoken to. (Curious about who's #1?)

Now, I still might not own my own car, but after seeing Lenny’s 57 amazing antique automobiles, I am a little more knowledgeable, and feel totally ready to make car enthusiasts and Cyclones fans proud.

The show begins this Sunday at 2:30pm, with participating cars arriving at 2:00. If you are interested in showing off your car, please call me at (718) 449-8497 to register. The registration is $20 and includes one box seat ticket to either the July 19th or September 5th game. (I wish I could also promise this, but sorry, no guarantees.)

There are still some spots available (Lenny is not bringing all of his cars), but availability is limited. If you are interested in the beach, baseball, and classic cars come on down to KeySpan Park on July 19th for a car show that is sure to rival the Jacob Javits Center’s.

-- Adam (ATI)


Anonymous said...

any news about the game being on SNY tonight? Who will be calling the game?

Van Lease said...

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