Sunday, July 5, 2009

So you want to work in baseball?

I’m Andrew and I assist Dave, our Dir. of Communications, here at the Brooklyn Cyclones, I’ve been here since January. Some of you may know me if you follow us on Twitter (BKCyclones) or email our info-box. I can assure you, any crazy antics I’ve been witness to over the last few months pale in comparison to what I witnessed during the first week of the season.

10 Things I Learned in my first week of Cyclones Games

10) The best poncho in the world won’t keep me dry (or clean) when I’m pulling tarp during the 4th, 5th and 6th rain delay.

9) Teamwork is just as important for the players on the field as it is for the staff off the field. Be it tarp pulling, handing out giveaway items, escorting mascots or impersonators, etc, this is truly a group effort.

8) I looked darn good 40ft tall on the jumbo-tron doing my in-game tweeting.

7) Please…step into my office.

6) I picked up after a dog left a present on our steps last week. Then someone informed me that no dogs were admitted to the ballpark that day.

5) All umpires require a cotton-candy machine and Ms. Pacman in the umpire room. They also demand four uninterrupted hours of meditation prior to games and a bowl of blue M&M’s. I think it’s in their collective bargaining agreement. Seriously, they eat more sugar than Lamar Odom!

4) People LOVE free stuff

3) I desperately need a pair of boat shoes. If I wipe out again sprinting down three flights of stairs from the press-box to the field, I’m not only going to break my neck, but I’m taking everyone else on the stairs down with me!

2) The slightest whisper of “extra-innings” before it actually happens is grounds to get someone killed in the press box. Dave actually started the season with three interns, but we won’t miss Larry that much, he is a Braves fan, after all. Or, at least, he was.

1) Steve’s favorite song is Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline.

This first couple of weeks has been awesome!

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-- Andrew

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