Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cyclones’ Tweet-up Thursday 7/23

This Twitter thing seems to be more than just a fad! Hey, you don’t have to convince me...anyone who follows us @BKCyclones knows that I’ve been drinking the ‘Kool-Aid’ for months now.

We’re hosting our first ever Cyclones’ Tweet-Up tomorrow night! Members of our staff, Beach Bums, RHP Wes Wrenn, and a few fuzzy friends will be tweeting along with everyone during the game. Did I forget to mention we’ll be playing the SI Yankees that night in front of a packed house? And that Kevin Burkhardt will be here calling the game on SNY?

Many of these guys are first-time tweeters. Don’t underestimate them though. Some of them are the funniest people I know (I’m contractually obligated to say that Steve is in fact the funniest person I know). Follow along, and when you participate in the Cyclones’ Tweet-up this Thursday @reply with the hashtag #CyclonesTweetUp and maybe you’ll get re-tweeted on our Jumbo-tron!

So if you want to follow along with the Cyclones’ Tweet-up Thursday follow these twitter-feeds:

@SteveCohen_GM –General Manager Steve Cohen
@Ticket_Boy – Adam Skolnick (Our Ticket Office insider)
@PinkApe_inBKLYN – The Pink Ape
@SandytheSeagull – Sandy the Seagull
@BKLYNsFavSon – Ricky Viola (Account Executive & home dugout camera operator)
@RHP_WesWrenn - Relief pitcher Wes Wrenn
@The_Beach_Bums – The Beach Bums

And of course, every home game I’ll be tweeting from @BKCyclones. Tweeting scores, my thoughts and re-tweeting your comments, @replies, and pictures.

See you in the Twitterverse!

-- Andrew

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Anonymous said...

I'll follow the Beach bums on twitter... heck I'd follow them anywhere. Wow that sounds creepy!