Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bellies & Baseball Recap

Last night, we celebrated another of our most anticipated promotions: Bellies & Baseball! Our salute to pregnancy was a big hit, with moms-to-be participating in lots of fun activities.

First, there was the Lamaze on the Lawn class in left field, with expectant couples contorting in all kinds of interesting (fun?) positions.

The ladies then took off their shoes (only if they wanted don't
tell a pregnant woman what to do. You ask her. Very nicely.) for a Barefoot & Pregnant walk around the bases.

Then it was time for the Pregnancy Pitch, with the future moms taking the mound for a "delivery" of a different kind.

After that, the Craving Station was the place to be, as Ian the Driver did his best to maintain order at a table stocked with anchovy pizza, pickles, and ice cream.

And finally, a large-and-in-charge rendition of Take Me Out to The Ballgame on the field. Or, as we like to call it...7th Inning Stretch Marks!

Check out the video, below:

(Un?)Fortunately, no one actually gave birth at the ballpark, but a few parents-to-be said they were considering naming their child "Cy" or "Brooklyn" for free Season Tickets for life!

It was a great night all around, and I think (and hope) the future moms had a good time. They were all really good sports (and, of course, looked glowingly beautiful).

Special thanks goes out to Palmer's Cocoa Butter, who donated prize packages for the expectant parents and helped us pull off one of the best promotions of the year!

Who knows? Maybe a few of the new families will be back for Baby's First Ballgame this year or next!

Good luck to all the expectant parents. We wish you nothing but the best! (And as a dad, myself, I personally wish you lots and lots of pre-baby sleep! You're gonna need it!)

-- Dave

UPDATE: Look for more on Bellies & Baseball tonight on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. Maybe.

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