Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Making Trouble

For some reason, I just let Joyce draw Chinese symbols on my arm.

Ostensibly, it's because it's Asian Heritage Night tonight. But I think she just wanted to mark me as a troublemaker. At least that's what she told me it says.

"Diao Pi." A troublemaker. An instigator. I don't know where I've gotten this reputation (Steve and Alexa have also similarly accused me in the last two days...but they did it in english). I can assure you it's undeserved.

Anyway, I'm not even sure I trust her that that's what it really says. That's why I didn't let her write it on my face, the way she wanted to.

The bottom line is that we're getting ready for Asian Heritage Night tonight, which will feature, among other things, a pre-game Kung Fu demonstration, klonton drums, and Joyce giving Asian nicknames to each member of the starting lineup (like John "The Samurai" Servidio).

It's going to be a fun night at the ballpark, as always, and hopefully you'll join us and get in on the action. You can even make some trouble, if you want. Just don't tell Joyce, unless you want to get branded.

-- Dave

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