Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bald is...beautiful?

Well, as you can see, Kevin lost the bet.

Steve took Vic to a full count, but wary of issuing a walk (for the third time), he grooved a fat pitch that Vic lined into the outfield, taking all of Kevin's hair with it.

Who does Kevin look like now? Some early entries are Bull from Night Court, Uncle Fester, and Q-Tip (not this one. This one).

The overwhelming sentiment, though, is that Kevin is lucky, because his head "has a nice shape."

Otherwise it would have been really ugly.

-- Dave

UPDATE: After a few worthy submissions, The winner is Adam The Intern, for the best bald Mahoney lookalike. The Rattlesnake even has the same personality and interests! Good work, ATI.


Alison said...

Is it bad that, without even seeing a picture of him with his new 'do, I feared he would probably look a little too much like Ed Norton from 'American History X'?

And now that I see the photo, I see my fears were justified. I won't post a photo because of his chest tattoo in the movie. Just Google it if you want to see it.

Lisa Gav said...

The long-lost love child of G.I. Jane & Kojak?